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5SOS arriving at the airport in Dallas! 04.15.2014 (via @/5SOSTexas)

Apr 20


it was just a normal day for Y/N and Luke;walking around downtown hand in hand. the night air blowing on the two of you causing your hair to flutter out.
it was a perfect night….well till Y/N heard a loud screech behind them and about ten girls run straight for the both of you. they loved fans but when it was a night out for just the two of them, they dreaded the sound of the little fangirls. “oh my god Luke” was said about 20 times in what seemed like 10 seconds. Luke and Y/N posed with the few girls, it was fine well…till another 10 girls showed up and than about 20 more girls and what seemed like 50 more showed up, all of a sudden there was over 100 girls screaming,crying,grabbing and just full on being gormless brats. Y/N was now being completely surrounded “guys back off, please” Luke pleaded out, rapping an arm around your body pulling you close “please” he asked so nicely but with their luck they just swarmed closer and screamed louder. Luke was now getting angry “fuck off” he growled out shoving through the crowed grabbing your waist tight, finally reaching the restaurant and rushing in there finally getting away from those barmpots.

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((for the person who requested this I just felt like fans instead of paps! hope you like it.))


I’m definitely a Column girl
Apr 20


I’m definitely a Column girl

Apr 20


AU: Luke has amnesia after an incident but it’s only you that he doesn’t remember.  

gifs not mine. 

inspiration (somewhat based on?)


can we please take a moment to appreciate their dance moves

you go ashton

why do I even like these boys

smooth as fuck

this is how harry dances

good impression Michael

is me that’s getting little hot

dat ass tho

calum please stop your killing me

hes so serious

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Calums jawline is rude and needs to get out of my face.

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Apr 20


AU: Ashton’s hopelessly head-over-heels for you, and simply won’t give up on trying to get you out on a date with him, using whatever tactics he think might work.

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AU: You and your boyfriend, Luke, take a trip across Europe during the summer with very ambitious goals to complete.

credit to the gif makers - i lost track of them, sorry

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AU MEME: Being Luke Hemmings' girlfriend, for better or for worst.

Not my gifs, only edits.

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Luke Hemmings; The Overprotective Boyfriend

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